Warning Regarding Web Fraud and Phishing - Sixth Street

Warning Regarding Web Fraud and Phishing

Please be wary of “phishing” scams or fake websites, texts or emails which may fraudulently misuse Sixth Street’s name, brand, or logo to seek your confidential personal information or solicit money from you, such as by claiming that you need to purchase training materials to work for us.

Please note that Sixth Street would never request a payment from you, for any reason, at any point in our recruiting process.

Do not communicate or deal with anyone that is not authorized personnel of Sixth Street.

If you have any questions regarding the security or authenticity of a Sixth Street communication, or if you have concerns about a website, text or email that you suspect may be fraudulent, do not reply to the suspect communication directly or open any links within it.  Instead, please contact us at SixthStreetPrivacy@sixthstreet.com.