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Join Sixth Street’s One-Team Culture

Building a great team culture starts with valuing your teammates. By learning from and relying on one another, we help make each other better.

Sixth Street’s cultural philosophy to work as “One Team” is designed to give a voice to the best ideas and solutions, wherever they come from, and to make us flexible and resilient throughout market cycles. Everyone at Sixth Street is expected to own the values of dependability, support and mentorship that define our culture.


Seeking Original Perspectives

Sixth Street depends on original perspectives and strives to empower those with differentiated insight.  We encourage each other to set challenging goals, communicate openly about mistakes and give transparent feedback – all essential elements to the growth and evolution of the platform.

We have diverse backgrounds and strengths, but we are all passionate about finding creative solutions and investing well.


We are proud to partner with the following organizations:

Right Culture for Your Professional Growth

Sixth Street is committed to providing every team member with pathways for career development and self-improvement. Key tenets of our professional development philosophy include:

  • An apprenticeship culture
  • A collaborative ecosystem
  • A global, flexible investment mandate
  • An inclusive environment of open communication and debate

Please contact our recruiting team and tell us about yourself.

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