Energy, Renewables, and Infrastructure

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Our Approach

Comprehensive Capabilities

Our focus areas include Power and Renewables (solar, wind, hydro, conventional power), Energy (upstream and midstream), and Social Infrastructure. We have invested in over 6GW of renewable power since Sixth Street’s founding.

Partnership Capital

We create partnership-oriented capital solutions to address the dynamic needs of today’s global energy and infrastructure sectors.

Long-Term Perspective

We have the capital base and flexible mandate to form long-term capital partnerships across the infrastructure and energy space. Our commitments come in the form control and non-control equity, debt, joint ventures and direct asset level investments.

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Energy, Renewables, and Infrastructure

Our Solutions

We make outright purchases of infrastructure assets as well as royalty interest acquisitions in balance sheet strengthening transactions.

We partner with management team asset owners and operating businesses to design and form joint ventures to acquire and develop assets.

We make both control and non-control equity investments related to a wide range of asset types.

We embrace complexity and often make investments that require a custom acquisition structure or hybrid form of financing.

We originate debt structured across a wide range of asset types.