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Our Approach

Strategic Capital

We utilize our long-term, flexible capital base to invest in a broad spectrum of sports, media, and entertainment companies and assets.

Domain Expertise and Broad Experience

Our prior investments in the sector include digital streaming providers, sports teams and infrastructure, data and telecom businesses, radio broadcasters, high-growth media companies, digital and traditional gaming assets, as well as software businesses related to the sports, media, and entertainment sector.

Customized Solutions

We collaborate with management teams to develop custom capital solutions, typically with the goal of balancing near-term liquidity needs with long-term strategic plans. Our partnerships can take the form of structured equity, direct lending, long duration revenue stream transactions, asset purchases, project and development finance, or joint ventures, often to facilitate expansion.

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Sports, Media, Entertainment, and Telecom

Our Solutions

We partner with management teams to provide capital for growth in the form of common equity, preferred equity, and hybrid solutions.

We provide capital for balance sheet bolstering transactions through structured financings of long duration cash flows or royalty streams. This is particularly applicable when companies are seeking to divest long-term, non-core assets with a focus on minimizing dilution and maintaining equity-like treatment.

We partner with qualified management teams in acquiring whole operating businesses, and can provide timely solutions to purchase assets across the sports, media, entertainment, and telecom ecosystem.

We can provide flexible capital for project finance (greenfield or brownfield) when a bespoke solution is needed or the partner seeks to avoid a complex, lengthy capital markets process.

We can form or participate in JV partnerships, helping to facilitate expansion, exploration, or management of unique assets and cash flows across the sports, media, entertainment, and telecom ecosystem.