Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions Sixth Street Insurance Solutions Sixth Street

Our Approach

Strategic Partnerships

We form strategic partnerships and make corporate acquisitions with a focus on the life insurance and annuity sector.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our insurance platform, including Talcott and its affiliates, acts as a comprehensive solutions provider for reinsurance and balance sheet-bolstering transactions.

Experienced Team

Our dedicated and experienced insurance team includes ALM capabilities and professionals located across North America and Europe.

Sixth Street Insurance

Sixth Street Insurance Solutions is our dedicated team of insurance-focused investment professionals across North America and Europe, focused on strategic partnerships, corporate acquisitions, reinsurance, and other balance sheet-bolstering transactions within the insurance and reinsurance sector. In addition to the insurance companies within our portfolio, we participate in the sector through our Sixth Street TAO platform, which is one of the largest and most flexible pools of private capital in the world.

Talcott Resolution Financials

Talcott Resolution

In 2021, Sixth Street acquired Talcott Resolution, a leading strategic partner for the insurance industry. Talcott offers a broad range of execution-focused capabilities, state-of-the-art technology and analytics, and in-force and new business solutions that provide capital flexibility and risk management efficiencies.

Since acquisition, Talcott and its affiliates have entered into a series of business development transactions further strengthening Talcott’s position as one of the leading life and annuity consolidators.

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**Sixth Street assets under management excludes (1) TOP I, which was invested as a series of commitments across multiple vehicles sponsored by our former affiliate and (2) assets and commitments of certain vehicles established by Sixth Street for the purpose of facilitating third party co-invest opportunities. Calculation of assets under management differs from the calculation of regulatory assets under management and may differ from the calculations of other investment managers.