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Our Approach

Partnership Solutions

We partner with banks, insurance companies, private funds, and other corporate and asset owners to invest in financial assets. We acquire and manage large and often illiquid financial asset portfolios, and have executed some of the largest financial services portfolio acquisitions of the post-GFC era.

Flexibility at Scale

From balance sheet-bolstering capital investments to acquisitions of long-term liability portfolios to complex and illiquid investment pools, our team has expertise at quickly and efficiently underwriting and investing in financial assets. We often prefer to collaborate with existing in-place teams to manage portfolios and pursue growth opportunities post-transaction.

Domain Expertise

We utilize our entire firm to underwrite fund finance investments, drawing from sector specialists who can quickly understand portfolios and provide a high degree of certainty and speed to close. Our investments may include outright purchases, structured transactions, capital injections, and portfolio financings.

Financials Sixth Street


Our Solutions

We utilize the experience, talent, and teamwork of the full Sixth Street team to underwrite portfolio acquisitions in size with speed and certainty.

Case Study: Bills Portfolio

We partner with management teams to create hybrid financing structured for asset portfolios, structuring investments to accomplish our partners' goals.

Case study: Caixabank


Sixth Street specializes in bespoke financing and capital solutions to investment businesses. Our capital can be used to support funds or provide liquidity to investors. Sixth Street structures are highly flexible, ranging from credit facilities to preferred equity to limited partner buyouts to full GP ownership.

Case study: Octavian Advisors

**Sixth Street assets under management excludes assets and commitments of certain vehicles established by Sixth Street for the purpose of facilitating third party co-invest opportunities. Calculation of assets under management differs from the calculation of regulatory assets under management and may differ from the calculations of other investment managers.