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Our Approach

Growth Capital

Sixth Street invests in software and technology companies across all stages of growth as digitization of workflows and industry digital transformation continue to drive opportunity.

Flexible Solutions

The flexibility of our platform allows us to partner with companies and provide capital throughout their growth cycle. Our investments can evolve as companies do, taking different forms whether the goal is general purpose capital, financing for acquisitions, embarking on new projects, or providing liquidity to early backers.

Deep Expertise and Broad Experience

We utilize our thematic approach, broad experience, and digital technologies expertise to offer solutions to companies with proven business models across industry sub-sectors.

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Software and Business Services

Our Solutions

Our experienced team partners with growth-oriented companies by providing capital and resources to accelerate growth.

We provide companies and sponsors with committed capital for acquisitions. Our solutions can be in the form of equity, debt, or stapled solutions.

We offer flexible equity and debt solutions to replace or augment existing capital structures or to recapitalize a company’s shareholder base.