November 17, 2021

Sixth Street Introduces New Summer Fellowship Designed for Students from Backgrounds Traditionally Underrepresented in Investing

San Francisco, New York, and Dallas – Sixth Street, a leading global investment firm focused on developing themes and offering solutions to companies across all stages of growth, today announced the creation of the Sixth Street Summer Fellowship. The Fellowship creates career development opportunities and builds social capital for talented undergraduate students who come from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the investing industry. The initial class is anticipated to include more than 20 students.

Fellows will start with a one-week intensive course allowing students interested in exploring our industry to learn and gain exposure across strategies and investing disciplines. They will participate in sessions with business leaders to receive skills-based training and take part in immersive case studies before then joining Sixth Street’s eight-week summer internship program. The Fellowship puts participants directly to work as investors and business operators, the best way to build relationships with working professionals.

The Fellowship is open to any first or second-year undergraduate students who self-identify as a Woman, Black / African American, Hispanic / Latinx, and/or Native American. No previous finance experience is necessary to apply.

“We have been working with talent partners and directly with student groups and their schools to try and address the root causes of underrepresentation in our industry for some time. This program, influenced by our existing initiatives, is another important component of our efforts,” said David Stiepleman, Co-Founder and Co-President of Sixth Street. “We took the best of what we have learned so far to design the Fellowship with a focus on demystifying career paths in finance. We want to prepare students with the skills and, importantly, the relationships to convert their talent and desire into long-term success in our industry.”

The Sixth Street Fellowship includes:
• One-week intensive immersion course
• Eight-week internship program dedicated to mentorship, training, and a hands-on work experience
• Comprehensive course series hosted by Sixth Street leadership
• Designated Mentors and Senior Sponsors
• Individualized career path guidance, including interview skills and resume workshops
• Network building via programmatic meet-ups
• Capstone project with final presentation to Sixth Street team

The Fellowship was developed in consultation with Sixth Street’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, which includes representatives from Sixth Street across functions, regions, and levels, including senior leadership. Each year, the Committee is responsible for determining priorities for the firm related to recruiting, retention, and promoting an inclusive organization.

Sixth Street welcomes eligible applicants to apply for the Fellowship here.

Sixth Street’s summer internship program is open to all first and second-year undergraduates and more information can be found here.

About Sixth Street

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