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Note to Sixth Street Community

May 30, 2020

Below is a note sent today to the Sixth Street team that we wanted to share with the rest of our community:

Dear Colleagues,

Over the last three months, as Sixth Street has navigated the global pandemic as a business, we’ve reminded each other to take care of our communities and ourselves. We’ve donated resources in the cities and countries in which we operate and, just as importantly, we’ve looked after each other.

In that spirit, we must acknowledge that the last few days have been terrible for the United States, where most of us live and work.

Many members of our team, from a variety of offices, functions and backgrounds, have reached out to say how searing and awful it was to witness the violent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the attempted intimidation of Christian Cooper in Central Park. Coming on the heels of Ahmaud Arbery being attacked and killed while going for a run in Georgia, the killing of Breonna Taylor in her home in the middle of the night in Louisville, and processing this in the context of the outsized impact of Covid-19 on communities of color due to structural inequality—it’s tragically not new, but it is overwhelming.

We as a community of professionals and humans want to call out the following:

Sixth Street Partners

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