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NBA Hall of Famer and Bay FC Board Member Rick Welts

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How do you transform a professional sports league into a household name and create a culture that leaves a lasting legacy?

On this episode of It’s Not Magic, influential sports executive and NBA Hall of Famer Rick Welts joins our host, David Stiepleman, for a conversation about his pioneering career. From Ballboy to Golden State Warrior’s Team President and COO, Rick has had a decades-long relationship with the NBA and has helped shape it into the world-renowned brand we know today. And, most recently, Rick joined our Sixth Street team as a Senior Advisor and Board Member for our recently named National Women’s Soccer League team: Bay FC.

Recorded live from Sixth Street’s annual offsite in Austin, Texas, Rick walks us through his remarkable career, shares lessons learned along the way, and predicts what’s next for the sports industry. We’re excited to kick-off Pride Month with this conversation with Rick who is also known for LGBTQ+ advocacy in sports by proudly embracing his identity and encouraging others to do the same.

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